The Power To Protect!

Offers a complete assortment of high performance floor coating systems for the protection and beautification of industrial floor surfaces. From repairing eroded concrete to providing protection for new surfaces, Concrete Finishes supplies a variety of choices to match any project’s requirements. Whatever the type of business, CFI will deliver a floor system to protect your valuable assets and your bottom line.

Commitment To Excellence, Technology For Tomorrow

CFI’s long track record of success is based on their commitment to extensive research. Concrete Finishes provides its customers with the highest quality coatings and technical expertise for the protection and management of your assets. Technicians and engineering teams are constantly analyzing the corrosion problems, application needs and service requirements of their customers. In addition, each protective coating as well as its respective application is rigidly tested and approved for permanency and is compounded to meet the specifications of the building profession as a waterproofing agent, fire retardant and corrosion inhibitive. Consequently, Concrete Finishes utilizes only the highest quality products and performance machines to keep them on the leading edge of coatings technology.

What Can You Expect?

Quality coatings are just part of Concrete Finishes’s commitment to excellence. From specifications to application, their staff of knowledgeable coating experts support the technology by working closely with their clients to achieve comprehensive, cost effective service solutions.

Available for service, regardless of time or location, Concrete Finishes is fully equipped to handle any size project. Their army of highly trained applicators are ready to provide superior products, experienced service and trusted guidance to organizations throughout North America.

Choosing the appropriate high performance system for your environment can be a difficult process. Concrete Finishes can assist you with your floor coating project by providing:

  • Technical site representation.
  • Viable options and realistic expectations.
  • Resource information including technical data sheets to make an informed decision.
  • AutoCAD design and layouts.
  • Unique, decorative and customizable coatings to meet your design needs.
  • Surface preparation and installation.
  • Chemical resistance and post-maintenance guidelines.

Concrete Finishes’ experienced team of floor coating specialists will identify the best system for your exact performance requirements!


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