Preparation & Application Process

All new or existing floor surfaces to be coated are mechanically prepped and cleaned to assure a successful installation. New concrete floors must be at least 28 days old. All oil, grease, wax, curing compounds, water-soluble hardeners, loose/chipping paint or other surface contaminants are removed.
Patch is then used to fill cracks, spalled areas and expansion joints. The floor surface is then coated and finished with the desired floor system.

Concrete Finishes can create a floor design to compliment your environment. Custom patterns and colours, graphic inlays or overlays can be added for a distinct touch.

Commitment To Excellence, Technology For Tomorrow

CFI’s long track record of success is based on their commitment to extensive research. Concrete Finishes provides its customers with the highest quality coatings and technical expertise for the protection and management of your assets. Technicians and engineering teams are constantly analyzing the corrosion problems, application needs, and service requirements of their customers. In addition, each protective coating as well as its respective application is rigidly tested and approved for permanency and is compounded to meet the specifications of the building profession as a waterproofing agent, fire retardant, and corrosion inhibitive. Consequently, Concrete Finishes utilizes only the highest quality products and performance machines to keep them on the leading edge of coatings technology.

Available Textures:
Smooth, Fine, Medium, Coarse, Thixotropic

Trowel Overlay

There are times when concrete is so deteriorated that costly maintenance, extensive repair are no longer effective. A trowel overlay system can make old, damaged or weak concrete as good as new. Whether the floors poor performance was caused by water damage, surface stress, improper curing, spalling or joint failure, this program provides all the steps necessary to restore and rejuvenate the integrity and appearance of the floor.

A high performance, three component, aggregate seamless system for extremely demanding environments. The overlay method is designed for use on new/existing floors or for resurfacing deteriorated, severely worn concrete floors.

Formulated by blending 100% solids epoxy liquids with specially graded quartz silica aggregates, this system consists of a primer, a three component mortar trowel applied up to 1/4″ (6mm) thick, a two component solid grout coat and sealed with a two component solid topcoat.

For an incredible resistance to harsh environments subject to relentless, industrial-like traffic, impact, abrasion, chemicals and liquid immersion, Concrete Finishes’ trowel overlay should be your system of choice.